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In the 1960's there were code phrases that members of certain fraternities on campus used to communicate secret messages.
For instance, "Palace at 9pm" meant there was a party starting at 9pm at a certain address that everyone belonging to their group knew about.
This type of coded message spread like wild fire throughout the university by word of mouth and posting to notice boards. The coded message avoided the incidence of gate crashers.

With the advent of the Internet Facebook was born. Facebook's initial purpose was a communication portal for University students.

This newsletter is also a communication portal, open to the general public. However if you want the insiders information and a direct line of communication with the writer, you will need to subscribe via the instant facebook access button or one of the forms on the right.

The Purpose Of this Newsletter.

Kitty Jellinek is a published author and has developed numerous websites on various topics
over the past ten years.
This organization wide online newsletter has been developed as a solution to servicing the 70,000 + loyal subscribers engendered through Kitty Jellinek's websites.

Also to encourage new subscribers to avail themselves of our free information.
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